Type of Contributions

Type of Contributions

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Research Paper: Manuscripts are not to exceed eight t (8) pages as a maximum limit to the length of the research paper including all text, figures, Tables, and references. It should include a set of keywords and an abstract followed by Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Acknowledgments, and References.

Short Communication: deals with a concise study or preliminary findings that indicate an innovative piece of research that could be less substantial than a full research paper. Short Communication is limited to 2000 words. It should include a set of keywords, an Abstract and a ‘Results and Discussion’ Section (should be combined) and follow by Conclusion. The number of references is limited to 20 and the number of figures and/or tables is limited to 3.

Letter: Description of novel findings that might not be suitable for a regular research paper or short communication. The letter is limited to 1000 words. The number of references is 10 and the number of figures and/or tables is 2, and 10 references.

Review or mini-review: invited reviews should be of high interest to the readers of the scientific community.

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